Student Activities Staff:

Sandra Rodriguez, Director of Student Activities/ASUN
* ASUN Executive Branch, ASUN Senate Budget & Finance, Legal Services
Amy Koeckes, Associate Director Marketing & Media
* Student Publications, ASUN Advertising, ASUN Senate
Molly McCormack, Assistant Director Student Activities, Clubs &
* Department of Clubs & Orgs, Student Events Advisory Board (SEAB)
Jeanine Menolascino, Coordinator for Greek Life   
* Fraternities and Sororities
Cynthia Esparza, Coordinator for Student Activities
* Flipside (programming board), Unity Commission, Dept. of Traditions (Homecoming, Mackay Week, etc.), Judicial Council  
Chris Partridge, Coordinator for Programs & Services -
* Campus Escort, ASUN Front Desk, ASUN Sound & Lights
Russell Aaron, Coordinator for Technology
* Website, campus monitors

ASUN Department of C&O Officers:

Director of Clubs & Organizations - Nathan Demuth,  

Commissioner for:

Arts, Business, Education - Pre-Professional / Academic

Campus Life (general interest)

Faith Based

Greek Life

Multicultural / Diversity

Science & Engineering - Pre-Professional / Academic

Service & Community Outreach

Social / Political Involvement

Sports & Recreation

Club Resource Managers - OR

ASUN President - Casey Stiteler,

ASUN Vice President - Richard Corn,

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Nicole Shimabuku -

Asian-American Student Association, Hawaii Club, Asian-American Women of Excellence, and CAPICO

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