Student(s) in the Club are traveling, what sort of paperwork do they need to complete?

 Click here for Travel Protocol Travel Requests need to be completed 20 days prior to departure...and the Travel Claim needs to be completed within 5 days of return. Travel paperwork has NOTHING to do with where the funds are coming from; and everything to do with safety and making sure our students are safe and successful

Are there deadlines for things?

 Of coures!! When are there not? Okay, here's the short course of deadlines for submitting materials. If you have any follow up questions, don't hesitate to ask...time's tickin'!

20 days prior to departure - Travel Request

5 days within return of trip - Travel Claim

9 days before funding hearing - Club Support Funding Applications due

8 weeks - 1 week - SEAB Event Request



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