Starting an ASUN Recognized Club

Step 1-

The following list has everything you'll need before being considered for recognition:
1. 10 undergraduate student enrolled in 7+ credits.
2. Get an Advisor, they can be anyone who is an employee of the University as an Administrative Faculty, Academic Faculty, or Classified Staff. You need their email, phone, mailstop, and of course NAME.
3. Create a Constitution (Sample Constitution)
4. Agree to the "Statement of Non-Discrimination"
5. Appoint a President & Treasurer
6. Complete a Signature Card with the ASUN/Student Activities Accounting Office
7. Abide by all ASUN or University policy governing clubs and organization

Step 2-

Now that you’ve submitted the New Club Form, it’s time to MEET WITH YOUR COMMISSIONER!!!!!
1. Find your Commissioner
2. Set-up a MEETING